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In a smart city, the lighting system is integrated with advanced sensors and communication channels to obtain a Smart Lighting System (SLS). When LED streetlights are networked together using a central management system to become "smart" streetlights, savings of up to 85% are possible. Additional capabilities include: Automatic Dimming, Smart Parking, Video Monitoring, Public WiFi and Various Environmental Sensors.

Taking advantage of the platforms which leverage IoT and other technologies to provide smart lighting solutions. The aim of these platforms is to integrate appropriate technologies into viable, repeatable solutions for municipal customers. Energy Network Services Inc. takes pride in offering clients' the Ubicquia's Intelligent Infrastructure Platforms for the smart city.


Energy Network Services Inc. accelerating the Canadians transition to Net-Zero Future. 

ENS is an official agent of Ubicquia Smart City Solutions.

Night in the City

Smart Streetlight Control

The UbiCell Streetlight Controller has been touted as the simplest, cheapest, and most sophisticated way for smart cities to control their lighting. Plug and Play streetlight photocell replacement providing advanced light control, voltage detection, utility grade metering, tilt/vibration sensing and connections to smart city sensors services. ENS offers UbiCell technology that can reduce operational costs up to 50%.

Air Quality Monitor

Make your city smarter, safer and more connected, while keeping your city’s health in check, with UbiSmart Air Quality Monitoring+ that simply installs and seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure. UbiSmart AQM+ is a small sensor that measures, monitors, records, analyzes and communicates precise local air quality and environmental data.
City image
Subway Station

Edge AI & Wi Fi

Capture video/audio from the streetlight level to perform edge analytics that enable the next generation of IoT Smart City services worldwide coupled with high-speed wireless internet access and lighting control capabilities. ENS offers UbiHub AP/AI that is the industry’s first smart city platform to integrate edge AI, Wi-Fi, microphones, cameras, and lighting control in one platform.
Climbing on Power Pole

Pole Monitoring

Make your city smarter, safer and more connected, by turning utility poles into smart assets that deliver data driven insights. ENS offers UbiGrid TVM™ which is a solar powered sensor device that measures, monitors, records, analyzes, and communicates daily status report and alerts triggered by events. And no need to deploy another communications network, as these sensors leverage either public or private LTE networks already in place.
Climbing on Power Pole
Electrical engineers inspect the electrical systems at the equipment control cabinet using

Smart Grid

Enable transformer health analytics for future failure prediction and prevention with monitoring technology. ENS offers UbiGrid™ DTM+ which is the industry’s first sensor to monitor critical grid transformer assets, extending transformer monitoring technology to enable real-time transformer condition and health analytics for future failure prediction and prevention. 

Intelligent Infrastructure Platforms for Utilities

Leveraging novel solutions and integrating multiple technologies is the purview of future-looking cities worldwide. Make your city smart overnight with ENS’s suite of products

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