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Energy Network Services Inc. (ENS) is Canada’s leading provider of turn-key, energy efficient, interior and exterior lighting, controls and maintenance solutions, designed to reduce energy and maintenance costs for our national, market leading clients.

Our expertise extends to all stages of an energy management project:

  • Lighting Systems Audits and Energy Analysis

  • Application Driven, Design and Development Solutions

  • Material Evaluation and Specification

  • Material Procurement

  • Incentive Management

  • Project Management and Installation

  • Lighting Maintenance

What We Do

Energy Network Services Inc. (ENS) offers energy consumption management services, in which we perform energy audits to calculate the amount of electricity being used by the building lighting systems, and suggest viable alternatives or control systems to reduce the overall consumption of each facility. ENS provides design and development services to maximize electrical savings and optimize solutions through the adoption of proven new technologies. We also investigate and apply for project incentives for our clients to ensure a quicker return on investment.​



Let our team of experienced designers, auditors and engineers perform a lighting audit with a complete energy analysis. Our talented team will design a complete lighting solution with a focus on energy reduction that incorporates advanced lighting technology and methods.


Our mission is to provide our clients with a lighting system that works for them, by helping them achieve their energy efficiency and financial targets.

Market Analysis
Warehouse Workers


Our in-house team of professionals are constantly working to evaluate lighting technology from an array of manufacturers. 


As a complete lighting solutions provider we routinely provide project management services to our clients. As a licensed electrical contractor, we also provide full installation services via our in-house electricians or through our network of electrical subcontractors.

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