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Krishan Bhatia leads Energy Network Services Inc. (ENS) across Canada, who’s been described as the epitome of focus with a reputation for getting things done in his 40+ years of industrial experience in the lighting industry. He partners with infallible senior management on a broad range of issues related to market entry, growth strategy, conducting M&A, product innovation, sales, projects, and services. Under his leadership, ENS has achieved record profitable growth since 1993.

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In today’s era, where the lighting world is changing rapidly, the competition is getting neck-to-neck and consumers are hoping to tighten their spending on lighting products, services, and maintenance; hereby Energy Network Services Inc. (ENS) comes into existence.  ENS has been a premier national application engineering management company for over 28 years, and we have earned our result-driven reputation by supplying energy-efficient, yet innovative and sustainable products to the marketplace.

As we all are transitioning through the coronavirus pandemic, while we are heading towards the energy crisis, climate change, and much more. Nonetheless, governments, organizations, and customers are becoming cautious of their carbon footprints and sustainable lifestyle.  At the core of all these, “energy-efficiency” is the heart of the future, which is where our business sits perfectly aligning your future goals as well as fulfilling your present needs.

Most of our client’s investment has resulted in energy efficiency results, thereby monetary savings. Our pre-scheduled and on-demand services cater to the diverse portfolio of the commercial, financial, federal, and provincial governments, institutional, healthcare, property management, residential, retail, and recreational centers. But as the market is continuously reshaping itself, ENS is committed to continually offering innovative, yet sustainable energy-efficient solutions of Industry 4.0.

I humbly invite you to delve into our website to better know about what-we-do and feel free to reach out to me or anyone from my team to discuss how ENS can help you in plummeting your energy reduction needs.

Krishan Bhatia,
President, Energy Network Services Inc. 

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