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Energy Network Services is a national well-known and respected energy management company, specializing in energy-efficient lighting and lighting maintenance projects. We lead in the provision of innovative and cost-effective services for improving energy performance for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities in the private and public sectors.

Energy Network Services provides turn-key solutions and does this according to the following steps:


Lighting Audits & Energy Analysis

Energy Network Services (ENS) performs Lighting Audits on a regular basis as part of all project operations. The actions that the auditor administers includes:

  • Identify the exact type of lighting system
  • A full count of each type of fixture encountered
  • Identify the tasks performed within each area

The audit results are then entered into ENS’ proprietary calculation sheet which establishes the facilities’ existing lighting load.

Design & Development

After the audit data has been complied, our team of lighting designers evaluate the results against the recommended practices of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA).

Material Evaluation & Specification

The designer will then develop a retrofit system that will improve lighting performance and energy-efficiency, while achieving our clients’ financial targets.

Material Procurement

Energy Network Services is not a manufacturer, nor is it tied to any specific manufacturer or technologies. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best solution from a reputable international manufacturer. With over $100 million in completed projects over the years, ENS receives strong preferential pricing from manufacturers. This allows delivery of a strong ROI & paybacks that exceed client expectations.


Energy Network Services is a national service provider, who is familiar with the incentive programs operated across the country. We can act as an applicant representative for our clients; which reduces the need for our clients to submit technical documents to the various utilities across Canada.

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Project Management & Installation

Energy Network Services is capable of operating as a stand-alone project management firm, utilizing clients’ preferred electrician or use our own in-house electrical installation team. ENS is a red seal electrical company and within Ontario is registered as an Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and American Power Conservation (APC).

Energy Network Services provides only the best quality and reliable services to our customers, who include some of Canada’s top corporate and public organizations. ENS’ installers and contractors are known for their ability to do their job well, on schedule, within budget and with minimum disruption to ongoing operations.

Lighting Maintenance

As part of our ongoing service to our clients, Energy Network Services can offer long-term lighting maintenance services; either for the pre-existing systems or for retrofitted systems. This service ensures that the appropriate light sources are used, and that the installed components are from a reputable source.

Our reputation extends beyond the completion of a new system or retrofit project. ENS is known for its responsive and affordable lighting maintenance service.

Our service programs provide the support necessary to fulfill your new system’s energy monitoring plan. ENS customers receive responsive and affordable lighting maintenance service. We use brand name lamp products such as GE, Philips and Sylvania.

Replacement components and parts are available through our support and service programs at an affordable price. We also perform maintenance and service in facilities which have not had the benefit of an energy reduction retrofit. You will appreciate our high quality service and affordable rates whether or not your lighting systems are brand new.