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About Us


“We lead in the provision of innovative and cost-effective services to reduce energy costs for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities”


Founded in 1992, Energy Network Services is nationwide, well known and a respected Application Engineering Management Company, specializing in energy efficient lighting and lighting maintenance projects. We lead in the provision of innovative and cost-effective services for improving energy performance for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities in the private and public sectors. Our expertise extends to all stages of an energy management project; planning, implementation, financing, and monitoring.

Energy Network Services offers energy consumption management services, in which we perform energy audits to calculate the amount of electricity being used by the building lighting systems, and suggest viable alternatives or control systems to reduce the overall consumption of each facility. We also investigate and apply for project incentives for our clients, which ensure a quicker return on investment. Energy Network Services provides details on specific areas that can see quantifiable reductions through the adoption of proven new technologies.

For lighting maintenance we provide a prompt, reliable response to service calls. Our attention to detail and immediate service will ensure that your lighting issues cause as little disturbance to your operations as possible.

In 2011 Energy Network Services acquired the Unicco Lighting Service a division of UGL, now known as Unique Lighting Services (ULS). Unique Lighting Services, as part of Energy Network Services, operates the maintenance services for a number of national clients.

As of February 1st 2014, Energy Network Services acquired the physical assets of Sylvania Lighting Services (SLS) Canadian maintenance division. This included operating facilities in addition to our pre-existing regional facilities. As part of the transition, a number of SLS employees were rehired under Energy Network Services.